JShogren Shanghai'd

Catawampus music played through a dissonant transmitter


NEWS:   As of APRIL 2016:

Spring/Early Summer Shows:


April 7th - Feel the Bern Fest @ Shocktoberfest

April 8th - WHAT Fest fundraiser @ Shocktoberfest

May 19th - Phoenix Ballroom (w/ Dauphin & Two Tracks]

May 21st - WYO Black Box [Sheridan]

June 3rd - Alibi [album release party, maybe?]

June 4th - Highwater Hoedown @ the YARD (saratoga)



Why so blue, Bird?

New album out May 2016

Wind over the Earth Studio

 Jim Wilson, Producer.


Video experiments posted on YouTube.

Works video by Mike Vanata, Square State Films